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RCS #1: Nathan Damigo, Identity Evropa
Nathan, founder of Identity Evropa discusses how we can make Western Civilization great again with Reality Calls. Visit:[...]
RCS #4: Dr. Jim Penman, BioHistory
Today we’re talking with author Dr. Jim Penman about how adhering to Christian practices has the potential to influence the[...]
RCS #5: Robert David Steele, Truth At Any Cost Lowers All Other Costs
Today I’m talking to Robert David Steele, a former senior CIA officer about what really happened during the election. Robert's[...]
RCS #2: Rocking MrE, Rocking Philosophy
YouTube philosopher known as Rocking MrE shares his thoughts with Reality Calls on how we can make Western Civilization great[...]
RCS #3: Andrew Kerr, The Citizen’s Audit
Andrew Kerr joins me to discuss creeping legislation in the USA that is threatening freedom of press, and enabling the[...]
RCS #6: Jared Taylor, American Renaissance
I discuss the reality of racial differences and how we came to understand them with Jared Taylor of American Renaissance.[...]

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