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The Reality Calls Show #12: Black Race Realist, The Truth About Race & IQ
An African American race realist, who goes by the name of Robert Smith, and I discuss the reality of racial[...]
The Reality Calls Show #8: Dr. Adam Perkins, The Welfare Trait
Dr Adam Perkins of King's College London and I discuss how personality traits influence life outcomes, and how the welfare[...]
The Reality Calls Show #10: Gabriel Lucas, Individualism vs Ethnostate
On the Reality Calls Show today I discuss individualism vs ethnocentrism with Australian philosophy student, Gabriel Lucas. Watch the video:[...]
The Reality Calls Show #9: Professor Jordan Peterson, The Future of Western Civilization
Professor Jordan Peterson discusses the future of Western Civilization. Watch the video:   Listen to the podcast:   The Self[...]
The Reality Calls Show #2: Rocking MrE, Rocking Philosophy
YouTube philosopher known as Rocking MrE shares his thoughts with Reality Calls on how we can make Western Civilization great[...]
The Reality Calls Show #13: Robert David Steele, The One Thing Trump MUST Do
Robert David Steele joins me again, this time to discuss what Trump must do if he is to survive and[...]

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