About Tara McCarthy:

Most people don't trust the mainstream media, for good reason.

The mainstream media's actions in particular have left citizens uninformed and vulnerable to being hoodwinked by nefarious politicians and foreign interests.

As a result the politicians and the government backed education system have been allowed to act in ways that undermine the best interests of the people.

In short, our civilization is decaying before our eyes.

I believe that the solution to this (if there is a solution at all) is alternative media.

As a member of the alternative media I'm free to report on what my own conscience is telling me to report on without globalists breathing down my neck.

That means you get to hear about important topics that may have never been brought to your attention otherwise.

I hope I can also supply you with videos that you can share with friends and family who need help to wake up from the trance of the mainstream media and the mainstream education system.

About Me:

I was brought up in a part of London, UK, that could be accurately described as SJW heaven.

I was heavily, and I mean heavily, indoctrinated by leftist rhetoric from a young age.

Luckily, I somehow managed to reason my way out of that nihilistic hell hole.

Coming to terms with reality has been a painful process, but oh how refreshing it is to be able to think beyond the nonsense I was taught growing up.

Nowadays, it's common for people to call me a right wing extremist, racist, hate-filled bigot, Nazi, homophobe etc.

Being called names is the price that one must pay for disregarding political correctness in favor of truth.

It's well worth the cost in my opinion.

Pragmatism has lead me toward traditionalism though I don't fit any label precisely and I do change my opinions from time to time as I learn and consider new information and ideas.

I care about truth. The freedom to speak truth, and to discuss and debate it is one of the most important rights we have (for those of us who have it!).

Seeing this right being infringed in countries across Europe, in Australia, and Canada is frankly scary.

​My fiancé and I had the option to settle anywhere in Europe or the UK, but we chose the USA largely because it has the first and second amendments still mostly intact.

Disclosing unpopular, or unknown truths is my primary motivation for bringing the topics I discuss in my videos to light.

​I believe that every one of us has a duty to our countrymen to inform ourselves about these topics and that the more truth is known, the better off we will all be.


I consider globalist profiteering to be public enemy number one.

Globalism is at the root of most of the woes we experience in the West today (from the collapse of the middle class, to the debt based monetary system, the importation of high crime populations into our countries, and the destruction of natural beauty etc.).

I believe that the solution to reversing the destruction that globalism has wrought on our civilization is ethno-nationalism – a natural and traditional way of living that has been heavily demonized by the mainstream media.

​Learn more about it here.

Tara McCarthy

Reality Calls

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