Are whites stupid, or what? #ThursdayThoughts

By Tara McCarthy | Livestreams

Jul 20

One of my first Periscopes 🙂

  • Bulan Sabriel

    This video seems to have been taken down

  • Elliott Michael Prats

    I had no problems watching the video Bulan so idk what to tell you. I can only speak for the Texas and the gulf coast states but what you title as “why are whites so stupid” is the direct result of social engineering. I was born in 1981 grew up in Houston Texas in a white flight area and school, needless to say being a redhead, white, tall & large (for my age throughout my childhood) and very intelligent (IQ at 8 was 132) made me a target for aggression add this to my strange and violent upbringing and I have no fear for other races especially blacks. America as a whole is only 14% black but because blacks are lil more aggressive and white are taught they can’t match up actually become a self forfilling prophecy. While minority demand their respect (nothing wrong in that) white are told this they can’t match physically so either A) don’t demand respect B) are made to feel guilty above slavery whether their forefather had slaves or not so this also is an easy copout to justify/ rationalize not demanding respect but having to give it C) the white that do stickup for themselves the majority usually have to use the crutch of “racial superiority/nazi/kkk type ideology” to stick up for themselves. It’s becoming rare to see young white stand up for themselves because them see themselves as equals to everyone else and demand they get this respect. So if the white are willing victims why wouldn’t the minority take advantages of this situation. We see the YouTube video of very young kids fighting, gang/mob mentality, and hey school conflict not shot away from. We almost NEVER see white kids doing this behavior so where would they learn the self defense skills needed (mental and physical) if never being exposed to needed to learn these traits. I kinda wish white kids would beat up on one another (steel sharpens steel) to install a backbone. The 5 years in prison you really see how the races work when (whites) are really outnumbered. I never felt the need to join any aryan group and stayed independent (woodpile – and held the keys on whatever building I was on). Of course I’ve been in afew race riots n been stabbed/shanked. Believe me I got mine in too, but I don’t have any hated for Mexicans or blacks. I looked at it like a business standpoint. So many white feel inferior (when they’re not) that it’s even led to a porn fetish “cuckholding” which is a totally alien, foreign, and bizarre practice to me that I think is the most self humiliating thing one can do to themselves. White aren’t raised with pride and honor in themselves and this is the results. The nazi backlash actually feeds into the “poor minority” narrative which makes things worse. We need mentors (like big brother/big sister) for whites kids to give them strong role models who respect themselves first and then others. This is the crux of the issue in the American southern gulf states

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