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Tara McCarthy is a radically pro-truth citizen journalist on a mission to save Western Civilization.

Dec 15

Is ‘Media Matters’ Involved in #PizzaGate?

By Tara McCarthy | PizzaGate

The owner of Comet Ping Pong, James Alefantis’s homosexual partner David Brock founded an organization called Media Matters for America which has a huge amount of influence over the mainstream media. Independent investigator Andrew Kerr appears to have found some skeletons in their closet. We discuss how this could relate to PizzaGate.   We Both […]

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Dec 14

No One Wants To Talk To The BBC

By Tara McCarthy | Article

Someone from the BBC has contacted me repeatedly asking for people who would be willing to comment on PizzaGate for an article or for radio. Here’s the thing, I’ve asked a lot of people, I’ve even considered it myself – but I can’t find anyone (including myself) who is willing to go on record with […]

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Dec 12

#PizzaGate Images BANNED From YouTube Revealed

By Tara McCarthy | PizzaGate

This video details a collection of James Alefantis’ Instagram photos and comments in relation to PizzaGate. These images were snapped up by citizen investigators before Alefantis made his account private. A previous video I made containing similar images was banned by YouTube so I felt the need to re-document them in this video hosted on […]

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