#PizzaGate Images BANNED From YouTube Revealed

By Tara McCarthy | PizzaGate

Dec 12

This video details a collection of James Alefantis’ Instagram photos and comments in relation to PizzaGate.

These images were snapped up by citizen investigators before Alefantis made his account private.

A previous video I made containing similar images was banned by YouTube so I felt the need to re-document them in this video hosted on Vimeo.

As you watch this video, remember that James Alefantis was listed by GQ Magazine as the 49th most important person in Washington D.C..

Now ask yourself, is this the kind of behavior you’d expect from a man who rubs shoulders with some of the richest and most powerful people on Earth?

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If the video isn’t playing for you, please view it here: https://vimeo.com/195312407

All images available here: https://sli.mg/a/gaffhM


  • Julie

    Hi there,

    I posted a link to that Whitney Museum photo here relating to the artist Jeff Koons :

    Yes Jeff Koons is actually an artist (if you can call that art), and a controversial one at that– Supposedly this image is of Jeff Koons wife, as he did a pictorial at the Whitney Museum curators request called Heaven something or other: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1457013/7039324.
    However, I do not buy it (not even a little bit) that this is the artists wife, as she would have had to have been 40 years old at the time of the photo She was born in 1951, pic taken 1991)- This is clearly a pre-pubescent girl as far as I am concerned. These people are always doing shit in code, as we have learned..

    And even if I am wrong about that, what the hell is that image doing on his Instagram page?!

    • Julie

      P.S. The link to the unedited version can be found here, (posted by Wellington33), so the viewer can decide whether the #fakenews version of the story is that this is actually his wife..:

  • annette

    it won’t play for me and I can’t get it to download JDownloader can’t find it

    • If you go to this link, look at the bar below the video and you’ll see a ‘download’ button:

  • I think its Caris James. Her name. Or it may be something else.

  • Linda tripp was a whistleblower in the Bill Clinton/Lewisnky scandal.

  • I think Caris James is the same child in these photos. Including the photo of the girl’s hands taped to the table. That is Caris James too, a little older though.

  • 11:25 that child is in a shopping basket!

  • Reality Calls

    Sorry guys, I didn’t mean to remove your comments. I’ve upgraded to this new commenting software because it makes it easier for people to comment using their social media profiles which many people find easier to use.

    • Hashtag

      Ok 🙂

  • leyla Sheehan-Gruarin

    it’s gotten so bad that when you didn’t post this last night like you said you were going to……..well……I was worried for you. Great work! Keep it up. We depend on you for the truth!

  • hermajesty52

    it’s getting so bad that when you didn’t upload this yesterday like you said you would……well……I was worried for your safety…… THAT’S where we are….. thanks for all you do—we NEED you. I’m heading over to your donation page.

    • Reality Calls

      Sorry, I underestimated how much time the editing would take yesterday.

  • Nicholas morgan

    I was concerned about the fact he has pigs. Pigs have been used by criminals for decades as an easy way of getting rid of bodies. As long as you take teeth out, pigs will make light work of anything, they will literally eat anything. Disposing of dead bodies by letting pigs eat them leaves next to no trace. The FBI needs to comb that farm. In the picture it says no extra food, probably so they are hungrier to eat what he needs to get rid of.

  • bee33

    hey just letting you know, jeff koons is a well-known artist. he is famous for his balloon dog sculptures. http://blog.boombotix.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/jeff-koons-art-teacher.jpg he also had a whole exhibition dedicated to having sex with his wife, cicciolina, which is likely where that image is from. just wanted to let you know what that is about. great video

    • MsRain

      That is not the body of a woman.

      • bee33

        i couldn’t see it very well in the video

  • PaulFurber

    j’aime les enfants is pronounced zhaim lays on-fonts 🙂

    By the way at 5:00, the guy on the right is a convicted Australian pedophile. What a coincidence!

  • John Leslie

    The avatar on James Alefantis’ Jimmy Comet page is Actinous. He was Hadrian’s male lover who drowned in the Nile.

  • Lion5555

    Linda Tripp was the co-worker and friend that betrayed Monica Lewinsky during Bill Clinton´s sex scandal.

  • angreeee .

    quote “After seeing THIS THREAD discussing pain medicine, “oysters”, and carisoprodol… It made me wonder – what if #carisjames refers to the drug carisoprodol? It is a pain blocking medication / muscle relaxant.

    Perhaps James Alefantis is known in the circle as the primary source for it.. and earned the nickname #carisjames…”

  • Di

    Don’t know if this helps but felt I wanted to comment. After watching this I really feel that carisjames is the name of the baby featured in these photos and mae is the name of the older child. The photo of the toddler and the newborn together I feel could be mae and Caris. The question to jimmycomet where was grandpa would imply he is a ‘father’or father figure to one of the parents of this baby. The one photo I find intriguing is of Scott cummings, ccwoolman and the 2 children who I feel may be caris and mae. I wondered if there is some kind of surrogacy/adoption deal going on here. Just from the photos and the comments pieced together I feel Scott, and ccwoolman are all connected to those 2 children. Just a theory don’t know if it’s already been suggested so apologies if it has.

  • Fangtooth

    Jeff Koons is the name of the artist: http://anothereyeopens.com/2014/10/

  • Alan Williams

    Sorry, questions already answered

  • Lloyd

    I believe the hashtag #carisjames that is found on several different Alefantis posts with children in the photos is not the name of a particular child, but is a combination of JA’s first name and an abbreviation for the drug carisoprodol, which is a strong muscle relaxant and pain killer that would be used on these very young children before the act of rape. Have seen this suggested by some other researchers and it makes sense. People looking for a girl named “caris james” are following a dead end IMO.

  • The reason is you dont upload pictures you dont own the copyrights to, specially of minors.
    Try bluring the eyes/face, to protect their privacy, and see if that gets deleted

  • Moofie

    Here is what #carisjames refers to: https://twitter.com/hashtag/carisjames?lang=en

  • hangmehi

    19:58 #wwdjd what would Donald Judd do. Disappointed Jesus is another poss. The what would question matches jimmy comets “good question” reply. Given the bare freezer room context, since Donald Judd is an artist known for minimalism, I think that’s the best match. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Judd

  • hangmehi

    #carisjames is probably not carisoprodol date rape drug. The tag appears with the same girl at different times. Jimmy comet claims to be the godfather of the girl. This PDF of a voat thread probably nails it. http://kundaliniandcelltowers.com/Caris%20James%20%7C%20pizzagate%20-%202016-11-27.pdf. They collected all of jimmy comets Caris James photos, identified the girl, her older sister, and the parents, and pulled in other photos.

    CarisJames means Caris and James. Caris Cummings (5 years old) and James Alefantis (godfather).

    Except for #hotard the comments make sense in a non-pedophile way.

  • Alexandre Luis

    God job, Tara! We have to fight this kind of people. God bless you, Tara!

  • Alexandre Luis

    Tara, look the channel of “Becki Percy” in Yotube. She’s a english survivor of a pedophile ring in England. She said very bad stuffs about her past life. Pure evil history. Becki is in USA now and she’s fighting for asylium.

  • Elisheba

    googled james caris. there is a lot

  • Mel-Tang

    Hi! I’m not sure if anyone
    ever noticed this, but in the picture with the guy wearing the ‘J’aime les enfants’ shirt, the two guys with him have a tiny image on the bottom left area of their shorts. Is it just me, or does the image look like 2 dominoes on a slice of pizza, and a napkin/handkerchief underneath? Thank you for everything you do.

  • bjcharlotte

    Madelaine McCann in photo with newborn infant at 11:45

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