Banned From YouTube

By Tara McCarthy | Article

Jan 01

This is the video that got me banned. Please watch it and share it.

Original creator:


I’m Essentially Banned From Posting New Videos to YouTube Until Mid-March


I’ve been threatened with the permanent shut down of my entire 37,000+ subscriber channel if any video is reported again within that 3 month time period.

For that reason, I’ve had to make all of my videos private for the next 2-3 months so that no one can flag them for removal.

I will continue posting my podcast and other videos to this website so please register for my newsletter so that you get updates.


This Is The Notice YouTube Gave Me:


If you’ve ever been on YouTube you will be aware that there are many, many more graphic and violent videos than the one I posted.

I believe it’s because this video shows white people being beaten up by gangs of non-whites that this video was removed and, not only was it removed, I have been given a strike against my channel (1 step away from being permanently banned).

So this is what happens when you try to speak out against white genocide. I will continue to speak out wherever I am able to.

The best thing you can do personally to fight white genocide is to have lots of children!

  • They can’t have you letting the cat out of the bag now can they. #thoughtCrime #CENSORED @fIynnLives

  • PaulFurber

    Silicon Valley won’t be first against the wall when the revolution comes but it will be in line.

    Happy New Year of The Rope and keep doing what you’re doing.

  • Horata

    Once the damn breaks pizza gate you and the other real journalists of the new media will be vindicated. I will not watch any mainstream news outlets due the constant lying and coverup. Keep up the great work you are doing and may God protect you on the journey ahead.

  • Hell And A Hand Basket

    Whites are told every damn-day they are HATED, and of the wish for their extinction – yet, when Whites provide documented proof of the physical VIOLENCE which comes along with those words – Whites are racist.
    What’s even more outlandish…
    The Leftist/Feminist-Cult, and their band of Guilty-Whites call for the genocide of Whites.
    …But, to point this out, non-genocidal-loving Whites are racist.

  • HighFlyer

    Would it be possible to show those videos if the race of the perps was obscured by fuzzying up the images, then compensating w/ narration. Not ideal but the youtube censors are prob puppeting some Euro hate speech regs. May have to improvise. Don’t give up!

    • Miau Frito

      Was it in Sweden where they edited criminals’ skin colors to look white?

  • Mikemikev

    Damn Google kikes pushing White genocide. We need our own media.

  • john

    There needs to be alternatives for every video you post. It needs to be posted elsewhere in case shit like this happens, so we have backups. It would great to have an for videos as well, but we can’t rely on YouTube as they’ve shown their incompetence.

  • Educate the people. Enforce constitution values NOT Muslim demands.

    Ban Sharia government aspirations as Sharia is incompatible with decent human rights; and is a theocratic oppressive enslaving intolerant government by radical Imams. Sharia destroys democracy and democratic social structures. BAN polygamous breeding offspring numbers. Cut benefits to polygamous marriages. Deport them were that stuff is condoned.

  • GDShenanigans

    So sorry this happened to you. Of all the things to give you a second strike for they choose that? Unbelievable. If it were a video about blacks or muslims being attacked they’d put it on everyone’s recommended page.

  • Eric East

    The ban is only for 2 weeks.
    Your ability to upload new videos will then be restored automatically.
    The 2nd strike you “earned” expires in 3 months.
    Not sure when your first strike expires, just don’t get another strike in the next 2 or 3 months once you can start posting again in 2 weeks.

    • Christian Thomas

      I’ve just coming from there and it say “This channel has no videos to show”. So more than not just uploading new videos.

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  • I must be quite dense. It took me several weeks to realize that you are a racist. Goodbye.

  • thepod

    I think you’ll find your video was banned for its oblique references to Israel, not pictures of Muslims beating people up. That’s what they want you to think. Social Engineering at its best.

    By Deception Thou Shalt Do War

  • Andrew Interrupted

    Don’t be discouraged, Tara. You rock, sister!

    ‘If you’re not receiving flak–you’re not over the target’ ~anonymous WW2 Bombardier

  • esteban melecio-gomez

    keep up the good work we need to be relentless in bringing in “real trustworthy news”


    mostly those in the public eye with many podcasts, interviews on other outlets and those who call attention to themselves are closely monitored and eventually do get banned once you are targeted Vs the many 1000s of random violent, degrading,satanic, videos that are posted w/o prejudice. continuous change of your identity might loose them but only short term. When you Expose the White Genocide agenda and have 37k viewers, they get nervous b/c they want the sheeple to remain in a clouded state of Deception. Pizzagate has been around for a long that it’s been exposed, the agenda is to keep it underexposed and discredit all.

  • 8wayspeed

    A little off thread but IMPORTANT
    Buy real physical Silver Gold and Bitcoin even a little will help become part of the 1% the governments don’t want. The financial collapse has started and will become evident in days Without wealth the fight will be near impossible to continue. I know the one’s that care the most already lack wealth.
    Silver will perform the best.
    I feel for you Tara.

  • Adjacent

    I’ve been a subscriber for some time. This is absolutely terrible, but not surprising. Just please keep posting your content on whatever social media you can get the word out on. (Gab, minds, here, etc). People need to hear what you’ve got to say. Because what you’re saying is important! Thank you for your contributions

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  • Doctor Who?

    I suppose Youtube and its parent Google find White Genocide to be acceptable.

    • Copyright101

      Really? I can’t think (((why))) that would be?

  • Andrew Interrupted

    Don’t know if you saw this, Tara? It came from this site.

  • orochigroup

    where can I download your pizzagate videos, i want to upload them to foreign video hosting sites

  • theescotsman

    I encourage you to unite under

    We can’t fight this individually – WE MUST UNITE!

  • Jennifer

    That’s bullshit!! Keep doing what you are doing as you are a joy to watch and listen to!! Your research and the connections you have made are worth so much so never stop!! Sending love to you and your family in this new year ❤️

  • Mr. Collins

    Sorry RC. What an injustice. You are so very talented. You’re a natural at new media. You are a hero. I feel like that I am witnessing history with all the heroic ppl speaking out and getting banned. I have four strong kids btw, 15-24. I’m trying to gently alert them to the brutal truths of our leftist, cultist world.

  • Ginger

    Tara, I am praying for you! You are so brave and tenacious, I know this will not stop, but only embolden you! You are not alone and just keep us posted. God bless you and may He swiftly vindicate you and so many others!

  • Kauf Dink

    Tara, first of all let me thank you for your work.

    BUT: You need backup channels in YouTube which are all interlinked, with similar naming scheme and the same artwork etc. This is standard procedure for controversial YouTubers here in Germany, where we have a state sponsored censorship institute. Works very well.

    Start creating those new accounts now 🙂

    • BaByCaKeS FGVN

      I agree, most YT’s that I know have three channels for situations just as this. The information that she’s putting out if far too important to have snatched away in an instant. Far to much time and hard work invested for “them” to have that kind of ability…

    • InterestedAussie

      I agree. You need your research and work to be protected and to develop a life of its own that can’t be stopped or censored. Your research and the voice that you are giving to all victims and survivors of organised child abuse, torture, trafficking and murder is TOO IMPORTANT! May God continue to bless and protect you, Tara, you are inspirational, created for a time such as this. Amen.

    • elbuggo

      Also a general rule; don’t create 1 huge target. Spread it around in some way, so that there isn’t anything big to hit. Create only small (and usually) uninteresting targets.

  • putupjob

    this was a powerful video production and obviously factual.
    It contains information that isn’t presented by mainstream media who are too busy pushing propaganda and fakenews.
    Tara… try to stay visible, somehow. Hagmann and Hagmann and other such outlets.
    None of us support censorship of this kind.

  • Ben

    The funny thing is other races will be far worse off without us to create new technology to make lives more comfortable. Yet no one is daring to teach in school that it is essential for whites to have many babies to stop the insane immigration numbers destroying the culture.

  • John Sinclair

    It seems we in the West are now free to speak about whatever our betters decide we are free to speak about. That isn’t what we in the West fought 2 world wars for. Interesting to see what the pedo-in-chief does next.

  • T2NDC

    Keep fighting the good fight. I greatly respect what you are doing, and even though they may try to silence your voice, the more loudly your voices is heard.

  • thepod

    We have all been played. This is playing out exactly as it was intended. Set “Christian” against “Muslim” again (remember the Crusades?) All the while the real perps are moving the scenery around off camera.

    “ISIS” are no more representative of ordinary Muslims than fanatical Zionists are of ordinary Israelis, or Fundamentalist Christians are of Christians. Religion has been co-opted as a tool of CONTROL of the masses. It’s working just as intended. Create fake “Muslim” terror. Create a huge “Muslim” army to terrify all the little snowflake white people, who will then CLAMOUR for their destruction.


    Everyone is just too dumb to see how badly they been played, or too scared to admit it to themselves or their peers. Social engineering at it’s best, again. We regulate and police ourselves.

    Sure, there are violent Muslims, but without the help of various state actors, they’d be no threat to anyone except a few camels and goats.

    The Zionists on the other hand, receive billions of dollars of US taxpayers money to propagate their dirty little secret wars of division.

    It’s not about Muslims, dummy.

    By Deception Thou Shalt Do War

  • Leon Patton

    Its a great shame. Not sure 3 months should be your goal though….That’s a long time.

  • What is your last name?

  • 19April1775

    VID.ME is looking like an alternative site gaining ground.

  • Sean

    I’m with you still. YouTube sucks. Time to build new sites for those of us interested in TRUTH.

  • NoBS NoSpam

    Howdy Tara, not sure why, but Vimeo has always felt even more liberal than Youtube.
    Have you considered
    David Seaman is there now and he is trending. I hope to see you there little sister, bro hug for all you do!

  • Trish Santana Quizon

    I found so many xxx videos some with children under 18 I couldn’t open them up but I do know you have to login confirming you are over 18. All you have to do is search any sexual word and see what pops up. So how is this allowed??

  • Pete

    If they have banned you for violence in this vid, I have seen worse ones on different channels. And for one video, they banned you for 3-4 months. What are they up to ….

  • Join Everything is posted on an a blockchain so it cannot be censored. You can also earn money from users upvoting your content.

  • MrsCop

    It’s horrible what YT is doing/becoming. For the past few weeks, I’ve been unable to access this website, no idea why. I’m thrilled to finally be here and to see you’re still up & fighting!

  • Douglas Miles

    sorry to hear this girl, you are putting up an amazing fight! we can look at this as a life or death topic at this point. the more extreme the actions are that youtube takes, the closer you are getting to the truth. we know this mam. this must be the nucleus! a reason for the united nations to have a global takeover as well… to save us from this.. which they probably created for sure. i planned not to have kids, but this is bad… they have a huge head start! they goal themselves out at like 10 kids ideally and openly say it is for the purpose of taking over in numbers.. wtf is going on seriously! are you allowed to appear on other peoples channels?

  • Musgrave

    Welp, you’ve done a great job Tara!
    If you’re not being banned and taked down by our opressors it’s because your and even our agenda isn’t filled as much as it should be 😉

    Keep up the great work, banned from youtube or not I’ll keep a close eye on your news.

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  • IsThisTheLife

    I don’t understand what the game is.

    If Europeans are to be destroyed, who is supposed to carry on?

    Are hive/drone societies in the far-East to perpetuate tech/automation as it stands, and no more innovation, invention or ‘lateral-thinking’ is required on planet Earth?

    Are Europeans (whites) now dispensible?

  • Whitebird

    A lot of people are now putting their videos on .

  • val

    Thank you for your bravery. I am with you and many other people agree whites need to be preserved and protected for humanity to move forward. Even non white people are understanding when they are not communist scum. Keep up the great work.

  • azrael777

    This is a concentrated effort by the marxist, jewish, elite and their helpers. All opposing viewpoints will be silenced if they get their way.

  • nikkol19

    Tick tock the clock is ticking, time is running out for the pizzascum.

  • angrywhiteman

    Every white person must find way to help you, donations, buying your books, would be good start!
    May God Bless You Tara. You are the best!
    (I know you are agnostic 🙂 but blessing will not hurt)

  • mate you need to relax. I got this.

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