Banned From YouTube

By Tara McCarthy | Article

Jan 01

This is the video that got me banned. Please watch it and share it.

Original creator:


I’m Essentially Banned From Posting New Videos to YouTube Until Mid-March


I’ve been threatened with the permanent shut down of my entire 37,000+ subscriber channel if any video is reported again within that 3 month time period.

For that reason, I’ve had to make all of my videos private for the next 2-3 months so that no one can flag them for removal.

I will continue posting my podcast and other videos to this website so please register for my newsletter so that you get updates.


This Is The Notice YouTube Gave Me:


If you’ve ever been on YouTube you will be aware that there are many, many more graphic and violent videos than the one I posted.

I believe it’s because this video shows white people being beaten up by gangs of non-whites that this video was removed and, not only was it removed, I have been given a strike against my channel (1 step away from being permanently banned).

So this is what happens when you try to speak out against white genocide. I will continue to speak out wherever I am able to.

The best thing you can do personally to fight white genocide is to have lots of children!

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