My Podcast Has Been Banned From The iTunes Store
Censorship by online communications platforms seem to be happening every day now. My podcast has been up on the iTunes[...]
Companies That No-Platform The Alt Right
Most of the largest sites and companies relating to online communications, fundraising, and hosting have deplatformed people on the Alt[...]
Why Were There So Few Women At Charlottesville, Unite The Right?
Caroline Kitchener, associate editor at The Atlantic, asked me to answer some interview questions for her regarding female representation in[...]
Why Are Tara’s YouTube Videos Private Right Now?
Follow me here: Twitter: Twitter Backup: Periscope: Gab: FB Page: FB Group: Personal FB:[...]
Texas is the next California
The darker blue states are 80% non-white for the age range of 0-4. This is a clear sign of the[...]
Patreon Shuts Down Lauren Southern
PayPal Freezing #DefendEurope Accounts
How To Be An #AltRight YouTuber or Podcaster
YOU, yes you, can do what I do. And what's more, I need you to do it. Yes, I want[...]
Is Political Islam a Threat to Western Civilization?
With Dr Bill Warner and Brittany Pettibone.
Hacking The Affirmative Action System With Vijay Chokal Ingam
I chat with Indian American, Vijay, about his experience pretending to be black to get into med school via affirmative[...]
Jan Lamprecht: What’s Happening In South Africa?
GUEST: Jan Lamprecht's webside:: Jan Lamprecht's backup site: Jan Lamprecht's original site about the problems of whites in[...]
Emil OW Kirkegaard: IQ And The Future Of Eugenics
More from Emil OW Kirkegaard: Website: Blog: Twitter:   Summary of Interview with Emil Kirkegaard IQ and[...]
Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s Top 7 Health Promoting Habits
Dr. Rhonda Patrick is one of my favorite health gurus. She has a PhD in biomedical science, and her interests[...]
Luke Nash-Jones: The London Westminster Terrorist Attack
Luke Nash-Jones is the Director of the People’s Charter Foundation, an anti-establishment group in the UK, styled after the American[...]
The Reality Calls Show Episode 14: Josh D Caplan, What The Globalists Want
Tara speaks with Josh Caplan, from Vessel News, about Donald Trump, Populism vs Globalism, and acknowledging the vast cultural shifts[...]
As Requested: Why I #Meditate & How To Do It
Tara speaks to the benefits of, and her personal reasoning for, meditating. Meditation, done correctly, will allow us to quiet our[...]
Buy This, Not That: Right Wing Alternatives
We've been tolerant of leftists for far too long! Studies show that right wing men are the most tolerant toward[...]
5 Ways to Survive Civil Unrest
Members of the radical left such as domestic terrorist organization Black Lives Matter, other paid Soros agitators, and brainwashed students[...]
The Reality Calls Show #13: Robert David Steele, The One Thing Trump MUST Do
Robert David Steele joins me again, this time to discuss what Trump must do if he is to survive and[...]
The Reality Calls Show #12: Black Race Realist, The Truth About Race & IQ
An African American race realist, who goes by the name of Robert Smith, and I discuss the reality of racial[...]
The #1 Thing You Should Do This Year To Improve Your Health
After my recent chat with Professor Jordan Peterson, I've been thinking about what he said: work on improving at an[...]
The Reality Calls Show #11: Libertarian Realist, Eugenics vs Dysgenics in the USA
Reality Calls and Libertarian Realist talk about how we could change the demographic makeup of the USA. The topics we[...]
The Reality Calls Show #10: Gabriel Lucas, Individualism vs Ethnostate
On the Reality Calls Show today I discuss individualism vs ethnocentrism with Australian philosophy student, Gabriel Lucas. Watch the video:[...]
The Reality Calls Show #9: Professor Jordan Peterson, The Future of Western Civilization
Professor Jordan Peterson discusses the future of Western Civilization. Watch the video:   Listen to the podcast:   The Self[...]
The Reality Calls Show #8: Dr. Adam Perkins, The Welfare Trait
Dr Adam Perkins of King's College London and I discuss how personality traits influence life outcomes, and how the welfare[...]
The Reality Calls Show #7: Brittany Pettibone, Hatred Day
Tara McCarthy and author Brittany Pettibone discuss what's undermining Western Civilization. Watch the video:   Listen to the interview: Brittany's[...]
RCS #6: Jared Taylor, American Renaissance
I discuss the reality of racial differences and how we came to understand them with Jared Taylor of American Renaissance.[...]
The Reality Calls Show #5: Robert David Steele, Truth At Any Cost Lowers All Other Costs
Today I’m talking to Robert David Steele, a former senior CIA officer about what really happened during the election. Watch[...]
The Reality Calls Show #4: Dr. Jim Penman, BioHistory
Today we’re talking with author Dr. Jim Penman about how adhering to Christian practices has the potential to influence the[...]
Banned From YouTube
This is the video that got me banned. Please watch it and share it. Original creator:   I'm Essentially[...]
The Reality Calls Show #3: Andrew Kerr, The Citizen’s Audit
Andrew Kerr joins me to discuss creeping legislation in the USA that is threatening freedom of press, and enabling the[...]
The Reality Calls Show #2: Rocking MrE, Rocking Philosophy
YouTube philosopher known as Rocking MrE shares his thoughts with Reality Calls on how we can make Western Civilization great[...]
RCS #1: Nathan Damigo, Identity Evropa
Nathan, founder of Identity Evropa discusses how we can make Western Civilization great again with Reality Calls. Visit:
Phone Call To Virginia State Police Regarding Missing Children
John called the Virginia State Police and has an important update regarding missing children anomalies as reported on in the[...]
#PizzaGate: Unexplained Rates Of Missing Children Surrounding Washington D.C.
There's something very strange happening in Virginia. There are unparalleled numbers of children missing from areas surrounding Washington D.C. John,[...]
Investigating #ShadySuperPACs And Media Manipulation With Andrew Kerr
This is the third video I’ve done with Andrew Kerr. In this video we talk about shady super pacs and[...]
Meet The Guy Behind The #FakeNews Agenda
This is the second video I've done with Andrew Kerr. We discuss more goings on at Media Matters, how they[...]
The Normalization of Pedophilia
I discuss the normalization of pedophilia with Doug and Joe Hagmann of the Hagmann & Hagmann Report.
Is ‘Media Matters’ Involved in #PizzaGate?
The owner of Comet Ping Pong, James Alefantis's homosexual partner David Brock founded an organization called Media Matters for America[...]
No One Wants To Talk To The BBC
Someone from the BBC has contacted me repeatedly asking for people who would be willing to comment on PizzaGate for[...]
Friends of #CometPingPong: #PizzaGate
You can view the Comet Ping Pong site here: I do not condone harassment. Please do not attempt to[...]
Email Newsletter Service MailChimp Disabled My Account
I tried to send this email (pictured below) out to newsletter subscribers: MailChimp immediately prevented me from sending out the email[...]
How to #PizzaGate: Research Best Practices
Voat: Slimg:  
#PizzaGate Images BANNED From YouTube Revealed
This video details a collection of James Alefantis' Instagram photos and comments in relation to PizzaGate. These images were snapped[...]