Buy This, Not That: Right Wing Alternatives

By Tara McCarthy | Article

Feb 05

We’ve been tolerant of leftists for far too long! Studies show that right wing men are the most tolerant toward people of different worldviews and that left wing women are the least tolerant overall.

Yes, as usual the reality of the situation is the exact opposite of what they proclaim it is!

Our tolerance however, has allowed the cancer that is leftism to grow into a violent and vicious mass, and we simply cannot allow this to continue.

Tolerance of evil is evil.

We need to start boycotting leftists and overtly leftist organizations wherever possible because this is a cultural war and ostracism is the most powerful non-violent weapon we have at our disposal.


Before you start reading: Grab a notepad and make a to-do list for your own personal switches.


Right Wing Media, Social Media, and Entertainment:

  • Stop paying for mainstream media via magazines, newspapers, television, Netflix etc. Support alternative right wing news organizations instead.
  • Get a account because they’re one of the only social media platforms that has pledged to promote free speech.
  • Don’t take your kids to Disney Land or to see Disney movies, go to historical sites and read/buy them books that support right wing values. (And please don’t let your kids watch degenerate Hollywood movies and sexualized/satanic music videos!)


Right Wing Switches for Your Personal Life:

  • Distance yourself from leftists. Make some new right wing friends.
  • Don’t date, marry, or employ leftists.
  • Whatever you do, don’t send your children to left wing schools or colleges!!
  • Let left wing family members know why you disapprove of their views.
  • Don’t work for leftists. If you can help it, prioritize submitting your C.V. to right wing organizations.

You get the idea. If you go to church, or a social club, or even a gym choose one that is in alignment with your values, even if it’s a further drive.

Best of all, don’t live in left wing states! Make the commitment to live alongside people who support your views. Don’t be an outsider in your own county.


Brands That Are Overtly Against Trump and Right Wing Values:

  • Starbucks – Has pledged to give jobs to 10,000 of ‘refugees’
  • Macy’s – Stopped selling Trump’s ties while he was running for office
  • Nordstrom – Stopped selling Ivanka’s clothing line
  • Bloomingdale’s – Dropped Trump products
  • – Stopped selling Ivanka’s products
  • Bellcore – Removed all Trump products
  • – CEO said he wants to send Trump to space
  • BlueFly – Greatly discounting Ivanka’s merchandise
  • Ben & Jerry’s – Constantly promoting the most degenerate leftist causes

Please tell me of more in the comments and I will add them to the list.


For Business Owners and Public Figures:

  1. Don’t buy ads on Facebook, Google, or Twitter. That would be funding evil leftists. Instead advertise on an independent radio show such as The Hagmann & Hagmann Report.
  2. Don’t give interviews to mainstream or left wing news organizations. Do give interviews to alternative news organizations.
  3. Don’t endorse left wing organizations, individuals, or values.


Please suggest more easy switches right wingers can make in the comments below!

  • Lenny Bezmenov

    “Studies show that right wing men are the most tolerant toward people of different worldviews and that left wing women are the least tolerant overall.”
    Can I get a link to that study?

  • Gilberto Carlos

    Use shame and guilt against leftists, they are very susceptible to that:
    “What? you really believe human nature is a myth? I thought you were smart”
    “You should really stop using feminism as an excuse for being a slut”

    Call out friends who are on relationships with leftists, and try to find relationship among right wing friends.

    Teach your friends and (many) kids that leftism is a cult of power.

    • Sparxz

      Mosts Marxists I have met over the years are ‘so low’, near impossible to same them. Of course point out guilt to everyone else reasonable who will listen.

  • tomaso

    love you madly but bad advertising advice is not very right wing.

    “Don’t buy ads on Facebook, Google, or Twitter. That would be funding evil leftists. Instead advertise on an independent radio show such as The Hagmann & Hagmann Report.”

    Trump won the election on Facebook. If you have a business you should advertise in ways that bring profit, period. Do not “support” anyone with your advertising.

    Spend your promotion money in ways that deliver profit. If a radio show does that, do it. If not, donate if you want, but do not confuse promotion of your business and support for causes.

  • Talisker

    Add Target and Apple to the Left-wing companies list.

    • Morpheus

      Well, you did make this comment about…10 months ago!

      Do you still support white supremacy?

  • uncommonsense2010

    Someone said we should shame leftists. I wanted to touch on why that both does and doesn’t matter.

    Sure we should mock them the way they mock us. their propaganda teaches them that the only weapon worth using is insults.

    The TRUTH about leftists is they’re terrified of their own REAL views getting out. This is why they hide them behind shifting virtues. Rape culture but can’t blame blacks for rape when it happens, equal pay for genders but genders don’t exist, white males are the problem but race isn’t a thing.

    The truth is they actually do have simple foundational core beliefs but they know damn well if they let it out they’d get eaten alive by their peers.

    The mind control we see is they really don’t feel there’s any real threat, so they have fun mocking people and being mean. BUT they also know should they break the ranks their friends will turn on them. This could cost them their job,
    friends, relationships, opportunities, etc.

    So while for them ti’s just innocent fun to mock and make threats which most really don’t mean more than just to irk someone, they’re fully aware that everything
    they’ve been told to do that’s exciting and fun would lead to their demise if they ever said “well, yes there’s a black rape epidemic” or “gender pay doesn’t matter now that genders don’t exist. ”

    The one thing they feel they’re allowed to do is spite right wingers. I don’t believe as much as there’s a cognitive dissonance as much as they’re really playing a real time game of dungeons and dragons by PC rules, Gender has power X but CIS has power y, and Blacks have power 0 but Muslims have power Z etc.

    They have fun trying to recall counter arguments they can throw back, the fact is NO LEFTIST YOU ARGUE WITH BELIEVES ALL THIS SHIT.

    Oh, they’ll teach it, live by it, but the core deep down inside nature, they can’t because each one of these contradict.

    They know there’s “black communities” and “Hispanic communities” and “Muslim Communities” These wouldn’t be possible if minorities actually wanted to be around each other, but they won’t and cant stand being around each other without whites to protect them.

    They’re smarter than you think but they’re also terrified to actually speak openly or they get it worse than you ever did as a right winger.

  • real redrug

    Don’t don’t don’t. OK… so in a positive vein, are there any rightist products and outlets that you recommend.

    • Morpheus

      Well, you can always kill yourself. Just make sure to only kill yourself; if friends, family, co-workers, complete strangers, etc., choose not to kill themselves that’s their choice. If they do choose to do that, that, is also, their choice. You have no right to make that choice for them; you only have the right to make that choice for yourself!

      The world’s problems should not be plaqued with pro-fascist, fundamentalistically-inclined scum. The world should be rid of you; so, do the world a favor and get rid of yourself.

      • Anonymous

        If I did (which I won’t) that would be exercising more agency than a kiddie like you ever have. Do the world a favour and grow up.

        • Morpheus

          Who are you trying to convince – Me or someone else?!

          Roy Moore lost! And the alt-right is, really, the same thing as an alternative fact: they are both filled with lies.

          Suck it up, buttercup, my sensitive snowflake!

  • real redrug

    Apart from what can you actually recommend for right-wingers?

    • Mark Portman

      Castalia House. Infogalactic. Direct2drive. That doesn’t cover much ground at all but it’s a start.

      • real redrug


  • Scorched Cuck

    macys now will not take in products from white males, but all other people.

  • WR_the_realist

    Amazon is the hardest one to avoid. Even Arktos books are sold through Amazon.

  • Justin S

    Cool. All I have to do is not buy anything or talk to anyone or travel across state lines. Time to lock myself in a bunker with off-brand food & electronics while only talking to my uncle. Take that, libtards!

  • HighFlyer

    How bout Barnes & Noble ( as an alternative to amazon?

  • vicki fairman

    Eat at Chick Fil A, buy Sabra Middle Eastern products

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