Buy This, Not That: Right Wing Alternatives

By Tara McCarthy | Article

Feb 05

We’ve been tolerant of leftists for far too long! Studies show that right wing men are the most tolerant toward people of different worldviews and that left wing women are the least tolerant overall.

Yes, as usual the reality of the situation is the exact opposite of what they proclaim it is!

Our tolerance however, has allowed the cancer that is leftism to grow into a violent and vicious mass, and we simply cannot allow this to continue.

Tolerance of evil is evil.

We need to start boycotting leftists and overtly leftist organizations wherever possible because this is a cultural war and ostracism is the most powerful non-violent weapon we have at our disposal.


Before you start reading: Grab a notepad and make a to-do list for your own personal switches.


Right Wing Media, Social Media, and Entertainment:

  • Stop paying for mainstream media via magazines, newspapers, television, Netflix etc. Support alternative right wing news organizations instead.
  • Get a account because they’re one of the only social media platforms that has pledged to promote free speech.
  • Don’t take your kids to Disney Land or to see Disney movies, go to historical sites and read/buy them books that support right wing values. (And please don’t let your kids watch degenerate Hollywood movies and sexualized/satanic music videos!)


Right Wing Switches for Your Personal Life:

  • Distance yourself from leftists. Make some new right wing friends.
  • Don’t date, marry, or employ leftists.
  • Whatever you do, don’t send your children to left wing schools or colleges!!
  • Let left wing family members know why you disapprove of their views.
  • Don’t work for leftists. If you can help it, prioritize submitting your C.V. to right wing organizations.

You get the idea. If you go to church, or a social club, or even a gym choose one that is in alignment with your values, even if it’s a further drive.

Best of all, don’t live in left wing states! Make the commitment to live alongside people who support your views. Don’t be an outsider in your own county.


Brands That Are Overtly Against Trump and Right Wing Values:

  • Starbucks – Has pledged to give jobs to 10,000 of ‘refugees’
  • Macy’s – Stopped selling Trump’s ties while he was running for office
  • Nordstrom – Stopped selling Ivanka’s clothing line
  • Bloomingdale’s – Dropped Trump products
  • – Stopped selling Ivanka’s products
  • Bellcore – Removed all Trump products
  • – CEO said he wants to send Trump to space
  • BlueFly – Greatly discounting Ivanka’s merchandise
  • Ben & Jerry’s – Constantly promoting the most degenerate leftist causes

Please tell me of more in the comments and I will add them to the list.


For Business Owners and Public Figures:

  1. Don’t buy ads on Facebook, Google, or Twitter. That would be funding evil leftists. Instead advertise on an independent radio show such as The Hagmann & Hagmann Report.
  2. Don’t give interviews to mainstream or left wing news organizations. Do give interviews to alternative news organizations.
  3. Don’t endorse left wing organizations, individuals, or values.


Please suggest more easy switches right wingers can make in the comments below!

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