Companies That No-Platform The Alt Right

By Tara McCarthy | Article

Aug 20

Most of the largest sites and companies relating to online communications, fundraising, and hosting have deplatformed people on the Alt Right. They are anti free speech.

Some organizations, like The Daily Stormer, appear to have had their domain name confiscated from them meaning that when people type in their web address they are presented with a blank page.

What’s next? Will Verizon shut down my internet connection so that I can’t post Alt Right blog posts? Will AT&T stop me from calling Nathan Damigo because he’s on the SPLC’s extremists list…?

We are having to build our own alternative infrastructure, and Pax Dickinson is estimates it will cost us $25 million to do so.

I personally am struggling to find a suitable outlet to create content on. And am having to hop around from platform to platform making it very difficult to grow an audience.

I’m having to self censor in order to avoid being kicked off other platforms.

Spreaker explicitly told me that they were pro free speech and willing to host content like mine, yet today I found out that they banned Fash The Nation (while making it look as though Fash The Nation voluntarily left their platform).

I will be requesting a refund from them and likely moving to Gab or Libsyn.



Below is just a short list of companies that have denied me and my friends service:


Social Media: 








Tech Companies: 




Online Hosting:






Online Funding: 










Alt Right Friendly Alternatives: (Social Media + Video Hosting + Streaming)

Hatreon (Monthly Donations)

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies


Libsyn (Podcast hosting, not explicitly pro free speech but has not deplatformed anyone)


You can find more extensive lists here and here.


Please let me know of any others in the comments, and post a source.

  • Churchillian

    Shame. I just discovered your podcasts on iTunes and found them very entertaining and informative. Will keep checking to see where you resurface. The free speech thing is an illusion. Conform or be cast out is the message. Heretical thinking is the only way we will get out of this mess. And it’s not allowed. A grave moment for the west. Anyway, good luck and best wishes from the UK.

  • Get use to it and expect it to get a whole lot worse. There are men doing life time sentences in prison for doing what your trying to do ,tossed in there on made up charges created out of thin air-so be forewarned-this is no place for amateurs. Matt Hale was the most effective right wing element of the decade until the government discovered he wasn’t afraid and locked him away.

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