Email Newsletter Service MailChimp Disabled My Account

By Tara McCarthy | PizzaGate

Dec 13

I tried to send this email (pictured below) out to newsletter subscribers:

MailChimp immediately prevented me from sending out the email and disabled my account.

I’ve used MailChimp many times before for different projects and businesses and know many other people who do also. This is the first time I’ve heard of anything like this.

This is the email they sent to me:


It seems that they have their filter set up to trigger when the word ‘pizzagate’ is mentioned in an email and to subsequently disable the account that tried to send an email containing that phrase.

You can see that the email I sent contained barely any content. I linked to a video explaining how to document PizzaGate evidence. How on Earth could this be considered harassment or a violation of terms of service?

The only explanation is that there is a blanket ban on mentioning PizzaGate in newsletter emails.

Now of course, MailChip is a private company so they can ban whoever they want. As can YouTube, Twitter, Google, Facebook, and every other platform on the web – not to mention the internet service providers themselves.

Isn’t this all starting to sound a little Orwellian?

This comes only a week after me and several other YouTubers had our PizzaGate videos taken down and a strike against our channels from YouTube (owned by Google who are known to have ‘assisted’ Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign during the 2016 election).

I naively thought that perhaps if I had an email newsletter we could circumvent the ‘mainstream’ social media sites that seem intent of scrubbing pizzagate from the record.

Is this really what we want freedom of speech and freedom of the press to look like in the US?

Please share my story (while you still can).

And I apologize to those who signed up for the newsletter that never arrived. I will be looking into finding a pro-free speech service that we can use.



Update: After my tweet regarding this got 24 retweets, MailChimp contacted me with a suggestion to email their compliance department.

I will do so now, and keep you guys updated.



Update: I wrote to MailChimp’s compliance department:




They responded to my email informing me that my account would be reinstated:



Now, if I hadn’t just had over 1,200 views of this blog post in the past hour, hundreds of shares and retweets, and an international radio show interview lined up to discuss online censorship would they have been so quick to reinstate my account?

I can’t say.

What I will say is that if you have one of your accounts on any platform banned because of the honest and important information that you’re trying to share feel free to get in touch with me and I will help to publicize it for you.



Update: I requested an explanation from MailChimp about what specifically triggered my account to be disabled and I received a vague response.


None of the explanations mentioned match up with my situation.

I will reiterate that I have used MailChimp many times before in the past and I know many other people who use it and have never heard of someone having their account disabled like this.

I was using the service in a completely normal manner, and the only thing I can think of that could have set off a red flag for their system would be the mention of the keyword ‘pizzagate’ in the email that I attempted to send out immediately before the account was shut down.

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