Friends of #CometPingPong: #PizzaGate

By Tara McCarthy | PizzaGate

Dec 13

You can view the Comet Ping Pong site here:

I do not condone harassment. Please do not attempt to make contact with this establishment.

  • Me114 Ladynada

    You talk about images but they do not show in your video? Might be something wrong.

    • Can’t you see me going through each of the websites and the images they contain?

  • Me114 Ladynada

    Okay I clicked the timeline and now images show.

  • donna elaine

    I don’t think you’re reading into this. There’s a definite pattern. It’s pathetic that the police don’t investigate children in relation to this evidence for investigation. I notice the name of a magazine called, Panda Head Magazine. The Panda theme has come up before, but I suspect pedo-criminals worldwide will be scrambling to connect by using new words and symbols.
    The triangles have been described by victims of satanic ritual abuse.

    • Yes, in my previous video actually he’s talking about a ‘cumpanda’.

  • Liam

    Don’t know about all the other facts but the song “hidden in plain view”…is not a song, that’s the band name and the song is titled “heavy breathing”. Once you listen to it, it’s apparent immediately not the same band. This band is actually good and plays ‘real” music. lol. Anyway, just say’n.

    • Reality Calls

      Oh, how confusing! Thank you for pointing that out.

  • Christianne

    THANK YOU!!!

  • bananachange

    Amazing Analysis

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