5 Ways to Survive Civil Unrest

By Tara McCarthy | Article

Feb 02

Members of the radical left such as domestic terrorist organization Black Lives Matter, other paid Soros agitators, and brainwashed students and their wannabe hip parents, are serving as useful idiots to the globalist elite.

They’re purposefully creating chaos in cities across the Western world and inflicting random acts of violence upon citizens – particularly white conservative leaning citizens (but no one is immune) – in an attempt to undermine President Trump’s authority and to intimidate people into fear of expressing their support for him.

The mainstream media has added gasoline to the fire and is practically endorsing violence and property damage at this point.

It’s possible that this could get much worse. It’s also likely that other events in the near future could spark further unrest.

For this reasons it’s wise to prepare yourself and your family in the following 5 ways:

1. How To Slip Under The Radar:

I shouldn’t have to tell you this but judging by recent events apparently some people haven’t figured this out yet: Wearing a red Make America Great Again hat to a location where radical leftists are ‘protesting’ is a BAD IDEA.

Yes, in theory, you *should* be able to wear that hat wherever you want. It’s your first amendment right to do so. But in practice it’s like wearing a red shirt into a bull pen. A stupid idea.

Even making it known that you are a Trump supporter in public in locations such as New York is enough to make you fair game for unprovoked violent attack in some people’s eyes.

Don’t let your kids wear them outside or they’ll be viewed as targets too.

Again, it shouldn’t be this way, but it is. You must deal with reality as you find it, not as you fantasize it to be.


2. How To Relocate Strategically:

If you are in a highly populated area you are more likely to experience riots than if you’re in a less populated area.

What’s more, we may see much worse than riots over the next 10 years. Think New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina on steroids, for months on end.

Yes, that is a possibility, and the more populated the location that you live in, the more likely you are to be a victim of looting or rioting.

Watch this video for more information:


3. How To Secure Your Home:

Doors and windows are the most common ways that intruders enter homes. 40% of the time entry is forced, but 60% of the time they are able to enter homes without force because the doors and windows have been left unlocked!

Before you leave your home each day and before you go to bed at night you should walk around the house or apartment and check that every door and window is locked.

If you live in an apartment, it’s best not to live in the basement or first or second floor as these are easily accessible via windows. However, living too high up in an apartment building could put you at risk in the event of an arson attack.


Extra Measures:

Protect your family from arson attacks by fitting your home with smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, a heat detector in the kitchen, and multiple escape routes.

Having a home alarm system that contains a panic button that calls emergency services for you is ideal. Often people from these companies will also check your home for vulnerabilities.

If you have a rattly old front or back door that would give way after a few good kicks consider upgrading to a more secure door, or perhaps it’s the door frame that needs an upgrade or reinforcement (a door is only secure as its frame is strong).


4. How to Choose A Martial Art:

My fiancé is a seasoned martial artist and a competitive fighter. Decades of schooling in Kyokushin and other forms of Karate has served him well over the years in the rougher areas of Texas and New York. He’s been the target of street violence and theft on several occasions and in each case has walked away unscathed and with his property intact because of his training.

His advise to you is to choose a martial art that specializes in striking so that you are capable of knocking out or disabling your opponent while you remain standing (as opposed to grappling which happens on the floor and makes you vulnerable in a multiple attacker scenario).

When you are faced with multiple attackers in a street fight or home invasion situation your goal is to neutralize the threat(s) ASAP by any means necessary, and that means knowing how to strike, and where to strike, and being able to do so with enough force to cause damage.

Ideally it should be over before the attacker(s) even know what hit them.

For this reason he recommends you master a striking focused martial art such as Karate or Thai Kickboxing before you spend time learning how to grapple with a martial art like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


5. Get A Weapon, and Know How To Use It:

If you have the ability to get a gun legally where you live, do so.

It’s important to also take training classes and to learn how to store the gun safely especially if you have children in the house.

If you don’t have the legal right to own a gun, find other weapons that you are legally allowed to own or carry (a knife, a Japanese sword, mace, a baton, a baseball bat) and find somewhere that you can get training in the use of it.

I’ll stress that having good training is almost as important as owning the weapon itself.

I don’t want to see anyone moaning about the regulations in their area. Varg Vikerness has resorted to learning how to use rocks as weapons in France. Anything is better than nothing.

Even a paring knife in your bedroom and some Filipino Knife Fighting training could save your life.


Bonus Tip:

Be financially prepared. Money gives you options.

I recommend starting with Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps.


PS: If this sounds daunting remember, you don’t have to be Superman or James Bond to outwit the average violent mob. You just have to be better prepared than they are.

Please share your tips for surviving the coming civil unrest in the comments below.

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