Phone Call To Virginia State Police Regarding Missing Children

By Tara McCarthy | PizzaGate

Dec 21

John called the Virginia State Police and has an important update regarding missing children anomalies as reported on in the previous video.

John is a computer scientist and independent researcher and analyst. His website is


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  • lightingstrikesthrice

    After everything we have learned, I believe this is the purposeful set up. If the State and politicians wanted a an excellent missing persons program they would have it. They do not want people looking into this, investigating, and vesting their time in trying to discover why the State does not do it, why it seems not to care about the missing children/people. Great video, thanks for all you have done.


  • Little Bright Feather

    Most states keep on record all those that go missing – not only Virginia. Keep in mind that police are often times part of the cover up and some are involved themselves. Like Florida reports EVERYTHING.
    Ok and Nebraska and Iowa have a high number of police involved in the kidnappings and cover ups. Such was the case of the Johnny Gosch case (Iowa). To this day – 30 years later – the police there still cover it up.

  • Malinda Sherwyn

    Look at Annie E Casey data regarding American children might be helpful. FBI and Law Enforcement report that 70% of children on the streets of Los Angeles in the sex and drug trade are runaways from foster care/group homes and forced adoptions…Los Angeles California child welfare DCFS even lose babies! Foster care providers too often keep pocketing the money from the Federal Gov. and do not report the child missing.

  • Debra L Bunger

    This is not an explanation until it is verified. It is just as likely that someone told this lone woman who reports in Virginia that Virginia is the only state that reports all missing children. We don’t know that that is true. More research needs to be done here. Also check out people (children) who have gone missing in National Parks. There is no record kept of them anywhere!

  • Lisa Richards

    Video is not showing

  • Andrew Interrupted
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