Jul 21

Texas is the next California

By Tara McCarthy | Livestreams

The darker blue states are 80% non-white for the age range of 0-4. This is a clear sign of the future demographic makeup of these states. The white majority states of the future are indicated by red and dark red. From the map you can see that non-whites are drastically outbreeding whites in most southern […]

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Jul 19

How To Be An #AltRight YouTuber or Podcaster

By Tara McCarthy | Article

YOU, yes you, can do what I do. And what’s more, I need you to do it. Yes, I want there to be more ‘competition’ on YouTube. I want there to be more people spreading the memes (thought viruses aren’t just funny graphics) of ethno-nationalism, and making Alt Right philosophy go mainstream. So here’s how […]

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