The Reality Calls Show #12: Black Race Realist, The Truth About Race & IQ

By Tara McCarthy | The Reality Calls Show

Jan 25

An African American race realist, who goes by the name of Robert Smith, and I discuss the reality of racial IQ differences.

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An email from Robert Smith sent prior to this interview, published with his permission:


The potential gain from recognizing group differences in IQ depends obviously on what is done with that understanding. We could, for example, do terrifying things, such as mass sterilization, persecution, or genocide. Or we could use the knowledge to better understand the effects of public policy.

We might recognize the folly of affirmative action and accusing businesses of being racist for not hiring a certain percentage of blacks. We could teach black youth that they need to worry more about working hard than “systemic racism.”

People already self-segregate by IQ and race to a large degree. That won’t change when we reconginze the truth. The only thing lost is useless white guilt and destructive black entitlement.

For most of the world, not much would change if science accepted racial differences in IQ openly. In the west, it could lead to more rational discussions of public policy and better approaches to supporting the black community.

It should give us pause that the black community was better off in terms of intact families, incarceration, drug addiction, violent crime, high school graduation, and numerous other metrics under Jim Crow than after the Civil Rights act.

Affirmative Action and trillions in welfare spending has only made things worse. We are long past the point of leftist platitudes and feel-good policies that continue the cycle. We need to change our approach.

Given the current mantra of political correctness and devotion to equality and human rights, I don’t imagine that we would have to worry about genocides and mass persecutions, especially in the era of the Internet and smartphones. Others would immediately step in to stop such things.

An interesting fact is that over 1400 more black Americans murdered other blacks in two years than were lynched from 1882 to 1968. I’ve also heard that there are also currently more blacks on death row than were ever lynched. Furthermore, Chicago’s death toll from 2001 to 2015 is almost equal to that of both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, combined.

So even if the open admitting of racial differences caused some hostility, blacks will still be much better off when the truth is acknowledged than they are now.

This may sound callous, but even if there were some killings of blacks once the truth got out, they would be small in number and would be nothing compared to the genocide that blacks constantly inflict on themselves, due in part to our lack of honesty about racial differences.

Blacks will probably behave much better, as they did when everyone took these facts for granted. And if Western civilization is to be saved, we must stop the dysgenic breeding of low-IQ blacks, dumbing down society with racial preferences, mass importing low-IQ migrants, and blaming whites for black and Hispanic failure.

We have much, much, more to gain than lose by admitting racial differences. This, I think, is what most people have trouble with. They don’t understand that you are trying to help and that leftists actually do the world a huge disservice and only worsen the problem.

I would summarize the “race problem” as follows. A couple of doomed underclasses will never be able to fully integrate into white society because it is geared to an average IQ of 100. Yet we choose to hide this information and instead constantly blame the white majority, which results in things like this and this. (The latter link is what I referred to in my AmRen story.)

This “white guilt” is destroying civilization because it leads to welfare, which promotes dysgenic breeding patterns, and lowering standards through affirmative action, all while importing even more low IQ and crime-prone populations.

I agree with you that the ideal solution would be separation. People tend to associate with those like themselves, and except for rare minority cases of extreme individuals like myself, people of the same race tend to be more similar to each other than to individuals of other races.

Race is the fault line that people find most difficult to paper over. Much more than “skin color,” it represents tens of thousands of years of evolution in different climates. It is family, history, and culture: things at the very core of human identity. My confusion from the “acting white” situation also made me more sympathetic to the call for separate ethno-states.

Whites and blacks meant entirely different things by the phrase “acting white” because they have entirely different views on what it means to be white. For whites it meant “nerdy, polite, average IQ of 100, etc.” For blacks the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about whites is “those people who enslaved and segregated us.” This is perfectly natural in my opinion.

My Korean friend has told me about how Koreans have contempt for the Chinese and often make jokes about them. Imagine then, how much more inevitable it is for blacks and whites, as different as they are, to see the world in different ways.

Ideally, I think the races should have separate homelands. The benefits in terms of societal cohesion and not having to worry about things like appearing “racist” or, on the other side, being subject to or held back by “racism” (or being accused of being a race traitor, something high iq blacks during segregation didn’t have to worry about) are quite appealing.

The first thing that absolutely must be done is to acknowledge group differences. What is standing in the way is that whites tend to be innately altruistic and individualistic. Not a race content with simply keeping to itself, like the Chinese.

Whites are the race that first explored space, the deepest depths of the ocean, first traversed the oceans and united the world by inventing and using technology for intercontinental travel.

It’s not the “white” thing to do to simply look at such a massive problem and say “O well, we’d love to help but we must put ourselves first. We don’t care what happens beyond our borders,” even if this would ultimately help the nonwhite world anyway by allowing whites to continue to exist and produce scientific and cultural innovations.

If need be, we could try to sell race realism from the standpoint of trying to HELP doomed underclasses through genetic engineering, eugenics (although we wouldn’t use that particular word), embryo selection, invoking MLK’s dream of racial equality, etc. You can only solve a problem after you’ve first acknowledged it.

I would like to bring up the point that whites find themselves in the position of having to worry about demographic displacement and people wanting to flood into their societies largely because white societies are so much more successful (and whites are so altruistic).

I’d imagine that if societies around the world were more equal in prosperity, people generally would not feel the need to migrate to white nations and would prefer to stay in countries with their own kind. Encroachment on white societies is in many ways an aftereffect of their much higher level of development in relation to other parts of the world.

Would it not, then, make sense to bring up other countries in living standards so that they never even feel the need to emigrate to a white country? Ideally, I would like for Europeans to again run black countries, help with birth control, increase our average IQs, etc. It is THEY (egalitarians) who are standing in the way of a prosperous Haiti, Zimbabwe, etc. and achieving racial equality.

Once we have the moral high ground, perhaps more people will be converted to our side. Then, I predict that just having the differences acknowledged will cause many to voluntarily repatriate and self-segregate, since it might be hard for many to accept that it will be perfectly rational to assume that a random white is smarter than a random black (they would have an 85% chance of being right!).

There will probably be less race-mixing and so on. Those who want diversity could probably still get it, since people, or at least those who matter (smart people), would understand that these are only averages.

Whites are a hopeful people. They are an altruistic people. Many don’t understand why this information is consequential or what purpose it could have other than to promote evils like genocide and forced segregation.

This understanding that egalitarians are actually hurting things and that race realism could actually be a way of achieving equality will let people satisfy their progressive and altruistic urges while indirectly working towards white nationalist causes at the same time.

This video by Stefan Molyneux does a good job of showing how race realism could be sold to the general public, not as a condemnation to eternal inequality, but as a way of achieving actual equality.

This, I think, is the best way to go about saving Western civilization, achieving separate ethno-states, and getting people to accept race realism.

I hope you found this (and my AmRen article) thought-provoking, and I look forward to the interview.

Best regards,

“Robert Smith”

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