RCS #3: Andrew Kerr, The Citizen’s Audit

By Reality Calls | RCS

Dec 30

Andrew Kerr joins me to discuss creeping legislation in the USA that is threatening freedom of press, and enabling the government to use tax payer’s money to fund mainstream media propaganda.

Andrew’s website: http://www.thecitizensaudit.com/


About the Author

Born in England and engaged to an American, Tara McCarthy is looking forward to life as a housewife slash radically pro-truth citizen journalist on a mission to save Western Civilization.

  • Norse Gringo

    Love this guy, world needs more like him.
    Thought Leaders = Vegans. Want to see Leo Venus, Mic the Vegan, Golden One, Kerry McCarpet, Vegan Activist, Plan Eats, Klauss.
    Don’t forget David Seaman and reallygracefull.
    Thanks. Old School Think Vegan fan.

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