The Reality Calls Show #4: Dr. Jim Penman, BioHistory

By Tara McCarthy | The Reality Calls Show

Jan 02

Today we’re talking with author Dr. Jim Penman about how adhering to Christian practices has the potential to influence the biology, behavior, and thus life outcomes of individuals and society as a whole.

Jim is the author of one of my favorite books, BioHistory, decline and fall of the West. And he’s also the author of The Science Behind Christianity.

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  • Cecil Henry

    He has some good points. But he’s not opposed to White Genocide. In fact he;s part of it, even though much of his advice will help stop it.

    • Randy Perez

      There is no “White Genocide”

      • DJ Mystery Twister

        Yes there is.

  • disqus_8fABWK4XMo

    Watched part of the video. human behavior with regard to the no of children that are propagated are as follows dictated by.
    1. wealth or the availability of food and ease of survival. Good living creates the environment where people will mate more freely with obvious results. The exception is modern living with the availability of contraception.
    2. historically chidren particulaly boys were needed help provide for the family in older age, many were lost in infancy. So higher birth rates were and in poor societies are the norm.
    Its obvious that if eating is restricted this will lower the rate of fertility as turn to survival mode just restrict your diet over a period and see how your mood and physiology change?. i couldn’t watch any more i feel sure that I could give a better account for the current dire situation the world is in by exploring monetery chaos thats be forced onto the world.

  • Ⓥince Green

    Could you enable downloads on your soundcloud? It’s easier to download for when I’m on the go.

  • Andrew Interrupted

    “Epigenetics” had become such a can of worms for the Marxist social engineers, the topic–well-covered in DSM IV, was intentionally discredited and buried inside DSM V. Gene expression also occurs from repetitive verbal conditioning, not just chemical. “Epigenetics” is a taboo topic at university. Verboten.

    • Randy Perez

      Epigenetics can make the case for social engineering.

  • William Wood

    In nature, mating season is always accompanied by the ‘Rut’. Where males fight for access to females. Could this be a genetic reason why excessively sexual human cultures are also violent cultures? The ‘Machismo’ of Mexican society may be an expression of this genetic hold-over? The shocking violence of the African American society?

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