The Reality Calls Show #8: Dr. Adam Perkins, The Welfare Trait

By Tara McCarthy | The Reality Calls Show

Jan 18

Dr Adam Perkins of King’s College London and I discuss how personality traits influence life outcomes, and how the welfare state is probably causing brain damaged children.

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  • RonaldB

    It’s a great interview. I really admire the data-driven approach of Dr. Perkins.

    I will answer one question. He asks why more people don’t read his book. The Kindle electronic version is $31 US. The book is 200 pages. So, the book is not going to go popular; it’s priced for scholar consumption, where this type of expense is reimbursed or deductible.

    I have a small issue with his term of “brain damage”. He documents his case that social dysfunction is associated with child neglect, but provides no bridge to indicate any anatomical or physiological brain damage. Thus, he is using a cachet to make his point about stable personality dysfunction, but understandable as that is, it’s not justified by what he discussed in the interview.

    The field of personality and social and work dysfunction is more than enough to keep a scholar occupied for his entire career, but perhaps Dr. Perkins would branch out to examine personality correlates with a refusal to acknowledge or examine data, such as what we see with PC leftists.

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