Want to do what I do? Here’s how.

YOU, yes you, can do what I do. And what’s more, I need you to do it.

Yes, I want there to be more ‘competition’ on YouTube. I want there to be more people spreading the memes (thought viruses aren’t just funny graphics) of ethno-nationalism, and making Alt Right philosophy go mainstream.

So here’s how you do it:

  1. Make a YouTube Channel (FREE)
  2. Get a webcam, or use the one you already have (that’s what I did to start out) (FREE – $60)
  3. Get a microphone, or use the one you already have (again, that’s how I started) (FREE – $130)
  4. Download Skype (FREE)
  5. Download Skype Call Recorder for Mac, or Windows (FREE-$30)
  6. Email or message someone who you’d like to interview and set up a time (FREE)
  7. Basic editing software: iMovie or Windows Movie Maker (FREE)

As you can see, it takes virtually no money to get started. What you need is dedication.

Now, your first interview isn’t going to be perfect. That’s fine.

The idea is that you start off with sh!t quality videos and find ways to get a little bit better each time – eventually you’ll be turning out videos like a pro.

What’s that? You have no audience? No one will watch your videos? Don’t worry about it.

Focus your first year purely on creating regular content (at least once a week), and mastering the art of whatever it is you’re doing (interviews, chats with likeminded friends, just sharing your views, livestream Q&As – whatever).

Once you feel pretty confident about how your content production is going, then you can look into finding the best ways of sharing your content with others – but that’s beyond the scope of this article.

Why do it? Because we’re at war with the mainstream media. They have the funding, and they’ve used it to buy the attention of the masses. We need to gain it back so that we can spread our message – and the only way that we can do that is through pure sweat equity. So pitch in.

It’s time to speak the truth.

No excuses. Get started. And when you do, Tweet your first video at me and I’ll give you a Retweet 🙂